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I never meant to start a jewelry line. But in 2014, I met an ND/healer named Phil. He told me that with the type of work I do, I should always wear something to protect myself, such as sandalwood & frankincense oils. After learning more about the benefits & properties of different oils, I created an elixir necklace for myself named "THE AURA PROTECTION NECKLACE." Along with his suggestions, I added organic honey, 24k gold flakes, and myrrh.

I wore it the next morning, and had some incredible opportunities pop into my day. I posted about the synchronicities on Instagram, and offered the necklace to anyone interested. I was shocked -- we had hundreds of orders by the end of the day! I realized that making jewelry out of the earth's gifts (oils, crystals + stones) would be a wonderful way to share my art and send love into the world.